Eddy Kenzo Reveals Friendship with Mc Kats despite of the Dispute.

The president UNMF and Big Talent Boss Eddy Kenzo Eddy Kenzo says he has no issues with events emcee and media personality MC Kats.

Apr 25, 2024 - 11:33
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Eddy Kenzo Reveals Friendship with Mc Kats despite of the Dispute.
Eddy Kenzo & Mc Kats

Few weeks ago, Mc Kats expressed his frustration with Kenzo for allegedly denying financial assistance towards organizing Fille’s concert, opting instead to redirect him to his manager, Beta.

Addressing the issue, Kenzo however while appearing on NTV interview noted that MC Kats’ demands were beyond his power and he could only try to influence the people in the responsible positions to help assist him.

Eddy Kenzo: “MC Kats is my friend, my brother, he knows. The only problem he has with me is that I refused to attend to his issues directly and I deflected him to Beta (Martin) but what he needed was beyond my power. There was nothing I could do, I am not in that secretariat, am not even in the loans committee. I can solve Kats’ problem even now as long as it’s not about that. I can only influence to have him assisted and I was trying to do that until I saw him run to the media.” 

Kenzo sounded the need to be professional and how particular procedures at the federation must be adhered to regardless of someone’s position.

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