I Hate anything to do with the Musicians Federation - Apass.

Ugandan singer A Pass has put light on the decision he made to abstain from joining the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), a move that sets him apart from his fellow artists.

Feb 1, 2024 - 18:34
Feb 12, 2024 - 17:26
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I Hate anything to do with the Musicians Federation - Apass.
A pass - Artist

During a recent interview with Spark TV, A Pass made it clear that he distances himself from the musicians’ federation, expressing disinterest in its objectives and activities. “I hate all that stuff; it’s not my thing. I don’t like anything to do with the federation,” remarked A Pass during the interview.

The artist’s aversion to UNMF is not surprising, given his strong alliance with singer-turned-politician Bobi Wine. A Pass has been a staunch supporter of Bobi Wine, who has consistently criticized the UNMF. This alignment with Bobi Wine likely plays a pivotal role in A Pass’s decision to steer clear of the federation.

UNMF, established with the aim of fostering collaboration and growth within the Ugandan music industry, focuses on creating new opportunities for musicians and stakeholders.

However, A Pass’s refusal to associate himself with the federation underscores the diversity of opinions within the music community regarding its goals and activities.

While UNMF seeks to unite and empower musicians, A Pass’s divergence highlights the complexity of alliances and perspectives within the Ugandan music scene.

As artists navigate their careers, the choice to join or abstain from such organizations remains a personal one, shaped by individual values and affiliations.

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