Vyroota praises Legendary singer Bebe Cool for including him on the "2023 Bebe Cool List"

Ugandan new kid in the block is full of joy after securing a spot on the highly coveted “2023 Bebe Cool List.” The annual compilation, curated by legendary musician Bebe Cool, features the most outstanding artists of the year.

Jan 4, 2024 - 20:00
Feb 12, 2024 - 17:46
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Vyroota praises Legendary singer Bebe Cool for including him on the "2023 Bebe Cool List"

Vyroota, recognized as the best breakthrough artist on the list, has left an indelible mark in 2023 with hit tracks like ‘Risk’ and ‘Twafuna Sente,’ the latter featuring songstress Jowy Landa.

Bebe Cool, unveiling the list, expressed his admiration for Vyroota, stating, “In my view, the breakthrough artiste of the year 2023 is Vyroota. With his songs ‘Risk’ and ‘Twafuna Sente,’ he is young, he looks focused and disciplined.“

Overjoyed by the acknowledgment, Vyroota took to social media to share his gratitude towards Bebe Cool. In a video message, he conveyed, “This message goes to the Big papa, Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool. I wanna appreciate you for the love and support for not staying silent and speaking the truth. Thank you so much.“

Expressing additional sentiments, Vyroota hinted at a personal connection with Bebe Cool, stating, “Just one other thing, there’s something else I love about you. It’s personal, I will actually have to meet you in person and we talk about it. It being that you are a father.“

The  “Bebe Cool List” is a compilation of the top musicians in Uganda for the year, based on Bebe Cool’s subjective opinion and personal research. Bebe Cool has made it a tradition to release the list on the first day of January every year since 2017, solidifying its status as a highly anticipated annual event in the Ugandan music scene.

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