Zahra Toto reportedly suspended from Sanyuka Tv.

A prominent Dj and a presenter at Sanyuka TV who runs 'Uncut Kalakata' gossip show, has allegedly found herself in wrong place over alcohol-related misconduct, leading to her suspension from the station.

Mar 15, 2024 - 20:50
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Zahra Toto reportedly suspended from Sanyuka Tv.
Zahara Totto

According to sources within the company, Totto had previously been issued two warning letters for disciplinary infractions. However, the situation escalated earlier this week when she reportedly appeared on air while under the influence of alcohol, prompting the station to take action.

Reports states that Zahara was on the verge of receiving a third warning letter but instead opted to step down from her duties voluntarily.

As she departed from the Next Media premises following her suspension, further chaos ensued. Witnesses claim that Totto caused damage to the elevator while leaving the building.

Zahara's conduct allegedly extended beyond the workplace. As she exited the parking yard, witnesses claim that she nearly collided with several individuals in her path, raising concerns about her state of mind and behavior.

Adding on, it’s been rumored that Totto faced financial consequences for her actions, with a reported salary deduction as a result of her disciplinary issues.

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