Zex Bilangilangi Calls Out An-Known to a Musical Battle.

There has been exchange of words between Zex Bilangilangi and An-Known Prosper, this comes after singer Zex pointed out An-Known and other artists, like Liam Voice to should elevate their music and move away from relying on emotional vocals, grouping them the crying gang of artists.

May 18, 2024 - 21:14
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Zex Bilangilangi Calls Out An-Known  to a Musical Battle.
Zex Bilangilangi

Zex’s comments sparked a heated response from An-Known, who told him to mind his own business and focus on his music.

During an interview on the Rewind show hosted by Galaxy TV, Zex Bilangilangi expressed his surprise at An-Known’s response, questioning who the artist was and whether he was part of the so-called “crying gang.”

However, Zex also emphasized the importance of letting their music do the talking. He suggested that both artists bring their music to the table and allow it to speak for itself.

Zex confidently stated that he is ready to go head-to-head with An-Known, but purely on a musical level.

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