Musician Rickman Manrick considers taking Acting Career.

Former footballer-cum-singer Derrick Ddungu a.k.a Rickman Manrick is now seriously considering a change of careers with Acting top of his agenda. The phrase “never settling for less” seems to be Rickman’s daily POV as he has constantly shifted from one career to another. When his footballing dream faced a halt after sustaining a career-ending knee injury, Rickman gave a shot at music and he seemed to succeed for a while. A couple of hit songs along the way, however, the ‘Bango’ singer is again considering a career shift. Via his X account, Rickman revealed how he yearns to explore his talent as an Actor and he believes he can make it bigger in film. He has already made big demands for anyone who would like to hand him a role in their movies stating that the script must have a good message that is empowering and motivating.

Mar 1, 2024 - 20:47
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Musician Rickman Manrick considers taking Acting Career.
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