Patrick Salvado Criticizes Audience Demands for offensive comedy.

Ugandan comedian Patrick Salvado has come out to clarify on the issues surrounding the comedy industry in Uganda, the demand for uncouth humor from audiences. Salvado emphasized that while comedians often receive criticism for their offensive jokes, the audience shares a portion of the blame. He noted that despite efforts to deliver clean and respectful comedy, performers often find themselves catering to the desires of their fans, who prioritize vulgarity over wit. He highlighted the confusion faced by comedians who strive to maintain integrity while satisfying audience expectations. Despite their best intentions to deliver clean sets, many find that their efforts are met with silence, as audiences clamor for more provocative material. Consequently, comedians feel compelled to adapt to the preferences of their viewers, perpetuating a cycle of crude humor. Regardless, Salvado also acknowledged the responsibility of comedians in shaping the industry’s standards. He made it clear that certain performers, who refuse to evolve or diversify their content, contribute to the problem. Salvado’s remarks come a day after MC Mariachi received backlash, notably from singer A Pass who called him out for body shaming Rango Tenge Tenge during a recent Comedy Store Uganda show.

Feb 17, 2024 - 20:13
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Patrick Salvado Criticizes Audience Demands for offensive comedy.
Patrick Salvado

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