Baby Gloria jots down the final statement on Kampala Creme's Departure.

Baby Gloria one of the actresses on the Kampala Creme reality Tv Show highlights on the circumstances surrounding her departure from the show in an open statement.

Feb 9, 2024 - 22:17
Feb 12, 2024 - 17:20
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Baby Gloria jots down the final statement on Kampala Creme's Departure.
Baby Gloria - Actress

As the curtain falls on her stint with the show, she reflects on the highs, lows, and unexpected turns.

When Pearl Magic Channels bid their farewell to Baby Gloria, expressing gratitude for her brief yet impactful presence on the show, Baby Gloria took to her social media platform to share her sentiments.

“With unwavering commitment, cooperation, and a profound sense of ownership, my team and I poured our hearts and souls into the project,” Baby Gloria begins. Her dedication to the show was unquestionable, as she invested her all into each episode, even willing to shed tears if necessary.

Baby Gloria recounts a series of challenges, including power dynamics, unappreciation, negative energies, conflicts, clashes, and selfishness, which tainted the work environment and took a toll on mental health.

“Submitting my resignation was a painful yet necessary decision,” Baby Gloria acknowledges. She highlights the presence of bruised egos and an unhealthy departure process, particularly singling out TrueD pictures for their role in the ordeal.

Despite the rocky journey, Baby Gloria expresses gratitude for the opportunity to bring joy and entertainment to viewers’ screens. She emphasizes the authenticity of her banter, humor, and talents, which shone through despite scripted elements and edited scenes.

Addressing young girls navigating their own paths, Baby Gloria offers words of encouragement to stand tall, assert themselves, and never tolerate bullying.

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